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Fresh Snow - feature; 3rd draft, treatment & synopsis [Neo-Noir/Scifi/Thriller] 

A psychotic torturer-for-hire gets caught up in a an underground people's revolution while she is seeking vengeance against a totalitarian government in post-WW3 America. 

Search for Sanctuary - feature; 2nd draft, opening 10 pages available [Action/Zombie/Post-Apocalypse]

In the wasteland of post-nuclear war America an orphan Kas joins forces with a group of survivors searching for a rumoured sanctuary. Together they must travel across the country avoiding Government-controlled soldiers and zombie-like 'Reakers'. 


Deep Down (title TBC) - feature; 2nd draft [Drama/Thriller]

A marine chemist's life disintegrates around her as she pursues a much-discredited theory after several bizarre encounters on deep-sea exploration missions. 


Lights Out - feature; pre-production [Thriller]
In one of the last few functional lighthouses a lighthouse keeper rescues a kidnapped girl and must fend off the kidnapper whilst waiting for a storm to pass and help to come. 


Guilty As Charged - short; screenplay available [Drama]

The story of two polar-opposite convicted murderers sharing a jail cell in for the night before their death sentences. 


Scaredy Cat - short; screenplay available [Comedy]

A short comedy following four geeky teenagers who find themselves in the midst of a zombie apocalypse during their sleepover.


Out of the Ground - feature; 2nd draft; pre-production [Coming-of-Age/Drama]

Coming-of-age tale following a boy and his estranged older sister in a small Scottish village, who must rebuild their life and learn to be adults together after their mother passes away. 


Untitled post-apocalypse film - feature; pre-production [Action/Scifi/Post-Apocalypse]

A bleak depiction of the future post-apocalyptic world after global warming has swamped the planet, following a community of survivors left in a flooded city with extreme weathers and mutated animals. 



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